Hi, my name is Lauren Bass.  I have a very expensive degree that says I have earned a Bachelor of Arts in the specific field of ‘English-Literature.’  Basically, I’m within the minority of people not born in the 1960’s who knows who Allen Ginsberg is.

But more importantly, I’m a writer.  I have always had a passion for making up stories and commentaries on reality and potential reality.

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If you’re a potential employer/publisher/fellow blogger say hello!  This blog is essentially my portfolio, and I welcome you to peruse my work!




R.I.P. My Old About Below: For those who want a clear picture of how I’ve grown in my about-page writing.

Hello, and welcome to Almost Educated; a delightful blog full of mystery to all, including myself, the blogger.  This is because this particular blog is being written for a college writing class.  Writing 110 to be exact.  Therefore, I invite you, oh wonderful reader to come and enjoy my creativity, negativity, positivity, or any other emotional energy with “ity” in it.  Whether you be a fellow classmate, professor, or internet nomad, welcome.  If you enjoy my blog, or are obligated to read it, I invite you to leave a comment.  If not, then you have my permission to close your eyes and think of England.


you made it to the end of the article. anything to say for yourself?

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