Getting started is the worst.

I currently have two drafts with potentially great material, but I can’t bring myself to finish them because I’m afraid they’ll suck.

Fear is an abusive friend.  But she is a friend.  Sure she’s petty, but she’s only looking out for you.  What if you mess up? What if they hate you?  What if you embarrass yourself and he dumps you and the world explodes?  These are valid points.

Really it’s better stick by Fear.  Fear keeps species of small rodents alive.  Fear allows us to hate people who are different from you because it’s easier than getting to know them.  After all, what if they’re axe murderers, or terrorists, or traveling salesmen?  You never know.

Late at night, when you’re in your empty house with all the lights on, Fear will cradle you in her arms.  She’ll rock you back and forth, and lovingly whisper potential failures.  How disappointed you’ll be, and how many people will laugh at you.

“Just remember,” Fear sings.  She tucks you into bed and pulls the covers up to your chin.  She leans in to kiss your nose and rests her forehead against yours.  “Just remember that everyone is a 1000 times better than you ever will be.”




2 thoughts on “Getting started is the worst.”

  1. I like the thought of fear as a friend. I always thought of it more as a sibling. For as long as I can remember, it has been there, poking and bullying me. But, I can’t imagine life without it. It forces me to do my best because I couldn’t imagine giving that smug prick the satisfaction of winning. Every once and awhile though, I have to give in to my sibling. They sometimes prove to be the stronger one. But, I have to love to hate them. Siblings, right?


  2. Fear can be a great immobilizer or it can be a great motivator! It all depends on how you choose to use it! Use it for good! It will serve you well in life.


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