My intentions

Why am I here?  Because I’m under some kind of illusion that I can use this blog as a tool to did I just publish?

Okay.  Well if you’re lucky, or weirdly obsessed with my humor already, then you just witnessed the above text being published on accident before I could finish the post.

Why don’t I edit it out and act like nothing happened, you may ask?  Because f-ups like this are friggin funny and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the fun.  Especially if you’re reading this drunk or sleep deprived or something of the like or combination of the like.  Because I believe in authenticity!  Which is why when I update my ‘About’ it will probably still have the old ‘About’ below it.

Let’s start over:

Why am I here?  Because I’m under some kind of illusion that I can use this blog as a tool to discipline myself into writing regularly in order to pacify my many fans.  Fans like my mom who will follow my work until I die, it doesn’t matter if she dies first, my mother WILL make a point of following my career from beyond the grave.  It’s awesome!  And creepy!  Like Tim Burton(?) I can never decide how I feel about Tim Burton. and like Sam (who has just started following me).  And I believe that when I write books, those fans will come flocking to bookstores, online ordering services, and e-readers just to get their mitts on my work and pay actual money for it.  

As this blog progresses, you will find:

  • flash fiction
  • poetry
  • short stories…..maybe.  We’ll see about that.
  • weird stories from work
  • weird stories from life
  • commentaries on everything


Do I really have faith in my talent?

  • Yes-ish.

Do I really believe that I will fix all the bugs on this blog and update my Almost Educated Facebook page which is available on the highlighted words in this sentence?

  • Maybe!

Do I think I’ll actually gain a decent following so that you will buy eventually existent crap?

  • No!
  • I really don’t
  • I’m pretty sure I will have a religious following from my parents, my grandpa, my ex’s parents who are also friends with my parents so really I could lump them into the friends-of-parents category, but I want to beef up my imaginary following SOMEHOW, and other friends of my parents.  I don’t really know who is comfortable with having their names online, so I’m just not going to touch that potential discomfort.
  • But that will basically be it.  Sure there will be my friends who occasionally read because something popped up on their newsfeed.  But I doubt they will be regulars.

The above is an accurate representation of how much confidence I have in this project.

But probable failure hasn’t stopped me before.  And that’s why I have mostly C’s on my George Fox University transcripts which are basically meaningless now that I’ve graduated and have no intention of going to grad school ever.


you made it to the end of the article. anything to say for yourself?

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