I’m BACK!!! …again. yay?

Hey guys.  I came back.  The first time I came back was because I had another class to write posts for.  And now I’ve graduated college with a B.A. in English.  What better way to get recognized in the writing field than here?!

probably literally anywhere else on the interwebs and on earth

I’ve just read last look-at-me-I-am-back! post and oh, my god.  It is painful.  It is extremely painful to read.  I sound pompous.  Or maybe it’s just the way I’m reading it.  I don’t know.  Maybe it’s the overconfidence.  Back when I was all bright-eyed and bushy tailed, and had dreams or something.  Now I look back on it and slam my palm into my face, successfully breaking my nose, but also being grateful my nose never fully formed its cartilage because then there would be more to fix later.

If there’s anyone out there reading this:

Please go to my January 15, 2014 post, ‘come one, come all, come back’


What are your thoughts?  Pompous?  Not pompous?  Teenagery?  Is it fine?  I’m obsessing.

If you’re new here, you should note that my site used to have white balloon graphics at the top.

Ugh.  It’s just a preview for the rest of my posts.  I’m going to sit through them and sort all 44 (I think it’s 44) and put them into categories within the College Posts category.  That way you can pick and choose the level of horribleness.

So anyway… I’m back and up Almost Educated is once again up and running (sort of.  I need to add a contact page, sort through my college posts, figure out post-formatting, and add more pictures so that you don’t have to look at the car mirror forever.  I took that photo myself.  Do you like it?)

Anyway I’ll write about WHY I’m really here again in the next post.  Which I’ll probably put up in the next hour or so.





you made it to the end of the article. anything to say for yourself?

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