the booger

This post intended for Week 9.

One year ago, I could walk into the library, make a right at the first set of stairs and find shelves and shelves of books. Desks about three feet apart hugged the walls; each one decorated with a picture of George Fox raising a finger to his lips urging you to shut up because this was a study area. The text overlay on the picture of course didn’t say “shut up,” but that was the gist of the wording. Perhaps if the text did make Fox tell students to shut up it would have been a more memorable sign.

In an attempt to make the downstairs part of the library a more study-group friendly hot spot, over the summer, the shelves and commanding desks were cleared and replaced with an open study area.

Upon entering, one is overwhelmed by the futuristic atmosphere. If a CMCO major had a mind to remake the 1976 film, “Logan’s Run,” I would be unsurprised if part of it was shot in George Fox’s Murdock Learning Resource Center. Just looking at the furniture, I can’t help but think the school selected them out of the sheer hope that in fifty years, the chairs will only be five years out of date.

The couches are a calm light green with flecks of red, yellow, and blue here and there.  The design includes an uncomfortable back and no armrests, creating the overall effect of two Legos put together to make a chair.  Other chairs are eggshell white with lime green cushions.  Each leg of these chairs has a wheel, making it appear to be the love-child of a dinner table chair and a wheelchair.

Gray mesh cubicle-makers, which look more like two sides of a cereal box than an actual cubicle-maker, are set up throughout the room to create the illusion of privacy even though everyone can still see you.

Near the couches are wooden tables which look a lot like horses used in the art department. The table is turnable so every surface can be used. If upright, the table is flimsy and if turned on its side the table is very flimsy. Rather than a horse, I firmly believe everyone should call them donkeys because when someone tries to use them for anything other than a coffee table, they look like an ass.

The rest of the tables have a stainless steel base and stem and a wooden top. They’re made to look futuristic yet homey, like dressing an alien up like a farmer.

Outside of the furniture, almost everything in the room is a different shade of green, a generally tranquil color.  However, each shade comes from an entirely different color scheme.  The effect is not tranquil or harmonious.  The carpet squares are a mossy color, the couches a pastel, the rolling chairs are bright, and even the walls are a sickly diarrhea. My favorite shade of green can be found on the fabric backs of the rolling love-child chairs. I am fairly certain it is the color of a lime, which has been left on the counter behind a coffee maker for at least five weeks.

As if there is not enough green in the room, grey pedestals are set up with large potted plants.

One year ago the downstairs library was stocked with books and a few desks, and now it is a badly furnished booger, and everyone but me seems to like it.


This is Lauren The Largemouth Bass almost begrudgingly studying for finals in the heart of The Booger.


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