a woman’s touch

This post intended for Week 8.


I was born female, raised to be a girl and grew to be a woman. The way a woman is taught to act, speak, dress, walk, and think is obviously different from a man. The way which, and to what degree a woman executes her “training” is of course up to her; but what is considered to be femininity in her culture filters through into every aspect of her life somehow if not kept in check.

This is not to say that being feminine is wrong and should be suppressed. What I mean is that because one’s behavior is a natural occurrence, it can hinder one’s writing, acting, or understanding of life is not examined.

In my case, I write the way I think, which supposedly can be called “feminine.” This is fine for blogging and writing the Great American Memoir of Lauren The Largemouth Bass: The Greatest Blogger to Ever Grace the Internet (it’s a joke folks, calm down), but no so much if the end goal is to write in the voice of a character who is in every traditional way, an American lumberjack.

Whether one wishes to admit to it or not, gender plays a major role in influencing the way one executes anything. This is not bad; in fact, I think it’s a charming quirk in the human condition.

A healthy understanding of why and how this is the way it is, allows us to bend those rules to our will and “be” someone else for the purpose of entertainment or our craft. And that, my fifteen friends, is awesome.


I’m Lauren The Largemouth Bass, and this has been an almost effeminate blog post.



you made it to the end of the article. anything to say for yourself?

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