the influence of parental observation

This post intended for Week 7

Going over old essays and stories I’ve squirreled away on old hard drives and shoeboxes, I’ve noticed a change in my writing style. It appears that I’ve grown from “telling” what happened to “noting” what happened. The biggest influence to this stylistic change has been my parents.

I am not a mother, but from what I can tell, the condition of being an active parent is to become a grand observer of life.

Parents have front row seats to watching a child develop and become what Greek philosophy would refer to as “fully human.” Because of their consistent presence, parents have the ability to recognize a child’s traits and habits long before the child is able to recognize them themselves. These traits include their creative strengths, the way they carry themselves, and their social habits and mannerisms.  I remember how when I was growing up, I didn’t notice how I rest my weight on the balls of my feet, or that I was a good writer until my parents pointed it out to me.

I find this aspect of the parent-condition fascinating and have incorporated it into my writing style. I love noticing the fines lines around the edges of life and utilizing the literary medium to make others aware of them too.

It’s like a little tap on the shoulder for my readers. We all see the big picture, but I’m the one bringing attention to the way the sun hits the scenery, and the silverfish stuck between the painting and the frame.

I’m Lauren The Largemouth Bass, and this has been an almost introspective blog post.


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