the end is near

This post intended for Week 10


In less than two weeks, the Spring 2014 semester will come to a close. Our days have been numbered, with our deadlines scheduled, and potential panic attacks already in motion.

Depending on how comfortable you are with your own mortality, the realization that school is almost over is a little like finding out your dying.

It’s kind of sad that it’s almost over because you genuinely enjoyed the ride, but you’re also sort of relieved. Looking back on the semester, you remember the good times you had, the things you learned, and the friends you made. You think about what you would have done differently if you had the chance, but your past mistakes start to bother you less and less as the end comes near.

As you start to pack away your things, you might come across cards, pictures, and notes, reminding you of the semester’s events. You double check to ensure that your affairs are in order and change them three different times before you are satisfied.

On the last night, you lay down on that mattress you’ve always complained about because it’s too squeaky or lumpy or has a funny smell, and find that it finally molded itself to your form. The combination of the curious acceptance of what is to come and the answering silence stills your mind. Your eyes grow heavy as, for the last time, you snuggle into the mattress’s cradling embrace. And you sleep.

I am Lauren the Largemouth Bass and this has been an almost melancholic blog post.


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