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This post intended for Week 11


In September of 2008, Boris Kachka wrote for The New York Magazine about the end times of the publishing industry.

Judging by his description of the then present, and future of publishing, it is safe to say that he firmly believes the end is near for big publishing companies as other corporations that offer self-publishing, such as Amazon, encroach on the territory.

After having read this article, the consensus appears to be that large publishing companies cannot afford to allow authors more than half the profits off their books. They also cannot afford to have as many authors writing things for them to publish; essentially resulting in cutting out the little writers, and leaving the big name authors.

Interestingly for the story-typing pawn, commonly known as “the writer,” this can mean a variety of things. She may accept her low-paying fate, and try to find an in with an established publishing company, or decide to try her luck with self-publishing and risk complete failure due to lack of publicity.

This outlook can be viewed at as horribly bleak or wonderfully adventurous. Personally, I favor the latter. Being a storyteller of any kind is an automatic risk. The storyteller doesn’t know if others will accept or even like his work. The best he can do is put it out there, hope for the best, learn from the experience (whatever the outcome may be), and construct a new story.

We, the writers live as gypsies, wandering the avenues until we find our voices. Our success is born in our narratives and cuts its teeth on our truths. There are very few guarantees, but that’s half the fun.

I am Lauren The Largemouth Bass and the entire goal of this post was to simultaneously almost make and almost ruin your day.  How’d I do?

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you made it to the end of the article. anything to say for yourself?

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