a vicious cycle #yolo #swag #blessed

This post intended for Week 10


The manner in which people presented their life stories changed the day we began to fully master the backspace bar on the keyboard.

Prior to the “backspace revolution,” people would type, review, revise, and retype. We lived in a world of hard copies and rough drafts which writers saved like scrapbook treasures until their piece was finished, and sometimes after.

When the backspace bar came, we moved into an era of “forget.” We can type anything and then backspace. Sarah is a duckling slut. It doesn’t matter if that last sentence made sense or not, I just need to backspace and it never happened. I owe an explanation to no one. Not even my future self who, had this sentence been saved would have questioned my past self, “who is this Sarah, and what is a “duckling slut”? Was I high when I wrote this?” Thanks to the backspace, this will never happen.

However, because of the backspace, we forget our past moments of brilliance. What if one is working on an essay and writes a solid paragraph which ultimately gets cut from the paper? She could copy and paste the paragraph onto another document to save for a rainy day; but more likely than not, it gets deleted, never to be seen again.

Along with the backspaced paragraph and other ideas and mistakes, a degree of humanity is backspaced. We don’t like what we see, so we can polish it over with the backspace. When we are correcting with a pen in hand, a writer, especially one preparing to present a segment of their lives, is forced to look at their old drafts and form an attachment to them; looking for ways to worm old original thoughts into their final pieces. It’s the parts that get wormed in that are the pieces of the soul. As readers we sense soul when we find it.

However, finding it is the difficult part. Self-publishing via blogging and social networking is the way of the present, and great way for the individual to express himself. Unfortunately for anyone in search of soul, free individual expression results in a lot of badly written rants, breakup poetry, and the like.

This has ultimately diminished our appreciation for life stories. The availability has cost us the novelty of knowing what is going on in someone’s life. Not to say there are not dozens of benefits to the ability to publicize one’s existence, but it is during the times when readers are surfing for soul that they wish the world would re-master the backspace bar.

I am Lauren Teh The Largemouth Bass and this has been an almost ironic duckling slut nugget swaggingest of the swag iconic post.


you made it to the end of the article. anything to say for yourself?

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