organizing laundry day

This post intended for Week 4

My laundering philosophy is to avoid it for as long as possible.  This essentially means I do laundry when I start to run out of clothes or my bed sheets and towels need to be washed.

I attempt to fill my basket with each separate pile because a full basket=a full washing machine.

I separate my laundry into four piles:

  1. Denim, towels, and sweatshirts. If the basket is not full, dark gym shorts, dark socks, and dark underpants and bras may also be included in this load.  The logic behind this is that the zippers from the pants and sweatshirts can get hooked onto t-shirts and rip them, which is why I do not include them in the load. Everything else was built to last so I don’t worry about them.
  2. Regular Darks; which are dark shirts, sweaters, pajamas, and potentially also dark gym shorts, dark socks, and dark underpants and bras if the basket is not yet full.
  3. Linen Lights; which are bed sheets, pillowcases, and my bath robe.  If the load is not yet full, I include any other lights that may also be tossed in the dryer like socks and underpants.
  4. Regular Lights; this includes light shirts, sweaters, and pajamas, and almost always anything else that is white or pastel in color.

I don’t do all four loads at the same time on the same day every week, which drives my roommate crazy because to her, it implies that I have no system.  I do have laundering system; it just doesn’t make sense to her.

I try to hold out on my Linen Lights for as long as possible, which can be up to four weeks because I use each set of bed sheets two weeks at a time.

I do my Denim, towels, and sweatshirts load every two weeks at my convenience.  I have two bath towels and I use each one every other day.  This is because the towel racks don’t allow my towels to completely dry in a twenty-four hour time period, which is an issue because I shower daily.  So theoretically, both of my towels are used as much as they would be in a one-week time period before being washed.

In terms of my Regular Darks and Lights, I do them when I can get them to a point where they fill my laundry basket.

I like to think all of this load-organization and attempts to not do laundry until I have full baskets helps me save money, but in the long run, I don’t know.

I go to a college where at the beginning of the year, the RA hands each student a $70 laundry card, which I promptly ran out of by the end of January, and my roommate who does all her laundry every Saturday ran out of by the end of the first semester.  According to the school, that $70 card is meant to last students all year, this appears to be the experience of no one I know who doesn’t drive home on weekends and occasionally do their laundry.


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