come one, come all, come back

Hello and welcome students, faculty, and internet nomads. It would appear that I, Lauren Bass, have returned from what appears to be a year-long writer’s block.

The key word is “appear.” Truthfully, I’ve been writing a great deal, mostly prompted by classes, but I doubt you would be terribly interested in a research paper on the Life of Christ etc.

Why is this? Why haven’t I been more creative lately? Could it be the sheer laziness that comes with being sucked into the great internet vortex of endless entertainment such as Netflix, Facebook, and Tumblr?

Why yes. Yes it could.

It could also be that I’m very self-conscious when it comes to my writing, and putting it on the internet, but that is something I’m just going to have to get over.

In any case, if you are new to my balloon-clad domain, welcome, and if you are a returning reader, welcome back. I encourage you to browse through my posts of negativity, positivity, ingenious, and uninspired alike.

This is still Lauren the Largemouth Bass with an almost hopeful disposition.


3 thoughts on “come one, come all, come back”

  1. What, Lauren? You didn’t continue to post weekly after WRIT 110! I’m shocked. Seriously though I’m glad your back and look forward to reading more of your lively, “bad-ass” writing.


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