should auld acquaintance be forgot

In this last year a lot has happened: Dick Clark died, we lost our Twinkies, Obama got reelected, the internet got some new memes, and Miley Cyrus got a really bad haircut.  However, we cannot forget the most important event of 2012:  I graduated high school.

I must admit that when Hostess went under, for just a moment I truly thought this was it.  The cream-filled goodness was gone and soon would the rest of the Earth; but no, it continued to turn.  I carried on with my days.  Christmas came with all of its joy and bitter-sweetness.  My cousin and I became actual friends -a Christmas miracle- and soon enough it was new year’s eve.

This year I had a small slumber party with a few friends and we had a great time!  I love new years parties, but I think it’s a bit lame how much we put into ringing in the new year.  We put together these parties and for what?  To watch Dick Clark (or in this year’s case, Ryan Seacrest)?

In the beginning of the year, there is so much hope.  You kiss someone at midnight and suddenly the world is new again.  You grab the bull by the horns and start that diet.  You exercise more often and clean out that mystery closet.  That lasts a good week right?

Then you eat an entire cheesecake, only get half way through the closet, and decide not to go for a run that day because your exercise shorts are in the laundry basket, which wouldn’t be a big deal had you not have stopped doing laundry after January second.

This year, I challenge myself and my readers (should I have any,) to make 2013 their year!  Make a list of at least five things you would like to do this year which wouldn’t normally happen.  Then put them on your new calendar and do them!  And there’s a hand, my trusty fiere, And gie’s a hand o’ thine, And we’ll tak a right guid willie-waught For auld lang syne!  I’ll drink to that.

Happy 2013!


This has been Lauren the Largemouth Bass with her first almost evokative post of the year

Auld Lang Syne (New Year’s Eve Song) Translation


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