5 Things

So that you, dear readers (should I have any), may  hold me accountable for actually doing the five things I will be doing this year, here is my semi-official list:

1.  Because my fabulous metabolism is not going to be so fabulous forever, I will go for a run on all days beginning with the letter T (Tuesday and Thursday), walk on days beginning with S (Saturday and Sunday), and stretch on the rest (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).  Okay, I know, I started with the fitness one, but don’t you dare judge me just because I am an American.

1.5  Learn to eat with my feet (I think it’d be fun).

2.  Chill out with my maker for one hour every day.  A worthy cause, no?

3.  Clean out my harddrives as well as my room at home.  Hmm I smell a spring project.

3.5  Get a job during the spring semester/Get a job during the summer of 2013/Get a job during the fall semester

4.  Go snowboarding/the beach.

5.  Write thank you notes within two weeks of receiving a gift.


At the end of the year, whether I still write on this thing or not, I promise to report back and with complete honesty, tell you what I have and have not done during the year of 2013.

This has been Lauren the Largemouth Bass and she isn’t sure if this has been an almost anything.


you made it to the end of the article. anything to say for yourself?

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