is christmas shopping fun?

Intended for October 18, 2012

Yes, the answer to this question is yes. Christmas shopping is wonderful.  It’s less fun if you’re me and have a budget, but in general, all Christmas-shoppery can be enjoyable.

This week’s prompt asked me to address and issue in the media, and while it’s not Hurricane Sandy, with Christmas fourteen days away, I find it relevant.

This delightful Canadian (I guessing he’s Canadian), knows exactly what I’m talking about.

He enjoys shopping with his wife because he likes going into the different stores, shopping and people-watching.  This unnamed man of Canada understands the true wonders a mall at Christmas time.  He is smart because by shopping with her, he can find out what she would like for Christmas and can sneak back later and buy things.  Later, he can watch children get their pictures taken with Santa.  The Santa Claus pictures themselves are amusing based both on the child and the parents’ reactions, I know from time-wasting experience.  He makes the most out of Christmas shopping and I respect him for that.

This person, clearly doesn’t get the same enjoyment:

While I understand that some stores like Walmart, The Disney Store, or Target is like walking into a war zone, it is still enjoyable.  He likes being apart of a crowd when cheering for a team, but he can’t play the game.  The rush of everyone everywhere is exciting and fun.  It’s a lot like being apart of a sports crowd except you actually have to do something.

This last person, has some serious personal shopping demons:

They just don’t understand that half the fun of Christmas shopping is The Hunt for the gift.  I agree it was wrong of the one lady to snatch those pajamas from under her, but really, only a rookie makes the mistake of not putting a prospective item in their basket.  It’s a jungle out there, as if post-tornado atmosphere didn’t already give that away.

Christmas shopping is amazing, it is a battle, a hunt, and prime people-watching time all wrapped in one time of the year.  Shopping online can be great, but the world needs a deeper appreciation.

This has been Lauren The Largemouth Bass and this has been an almost exuberant post.



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