the problem with uncertainty

Intended for October 18, 2012

In response to The Problem with Certitude

Gary Tandy addresses the issue of certitude in the realm of Christianity, and while it is attractive, it is also dangerous.  He proposes in terms of controversial issues we open our minds to what others have to say and use scripture as a reference rather than means of arrogance.

I think Tandy has a good point.  If we humble ourselves and allow people to know we are uncertain of controversial topics, like homosexuality, we open ourselves up for some interesting conversation.  In a perfect world, this would lead to the Christian stating their views based on what they know, and a non-Christian stating their own.  While the two may never reach complete common ground, hopefully they would gain a new, better understanding of one another.

From my experience, this doesn’t happen.  Using Gary’s example of uncertainty of homosexuality; lets face it, it’s a hot topic.  For myself, most of the time, it will come up in group conversation among my non-Christian friends, usually in a political form.  It was educational the first couple times around, but now it’s just monotonous.  As far as my own opinion goes on the matter, based on my studies of the Bible, general history, and nature, I don’t have an opinion.  In God’s eyes is being gay wrong?  I am fairly certain our heavenly status will be more depended on our love and faith in Yahweh as opposed to sexual orientation.  Therefore, I don’t actually care.  Once I did attempt to voice my views and before I could get through half a thought I nearly lost eye.  Now in the presence of some, I’ve come to be horrendously gun-shy and have learned to sit quietly and appear interested in what everyone has to say, though they continuously sing the same pro-gay anthem every time (not surprisingly, it’s a show tune).

Maybe Tandy is right, and eventually I will meet people who mutually respect what I have to say, and have a real conversation.  Until then, I remain a skeptic.

I’m Lauren the Largemouth Bass and this has been an almost acrimonious post.


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